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Ray Marine - Ray 45 VHF MARINE RADIO

The Ray 45 is our smallest totally waterproof VHF radio. Ideal for small boats where equipment is exposed to the elements. The Ray 45 features shown below illustrate that high performance can also be affordable.
All Channel Scanning 1 or 25 watt output power 16 plus key quickly gets to channel 16 or preset priority channel Tri-watch scans working channel, priority channel and weather channel. Waterproof to U.S. Coast Guard CFR-46 standards On-Mic controls for ease of use Large Backlit LCD display External Speaker Jack
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Ray Marine - Ray 53 VHF MARINE RADIO

The Ray 53 comes with an impressive array of features. The SC-101 DSC (Digital Selective Calling) capability enables you to transmit vital emergency information including your boats indentification, position and time the distress call was sent using NMEA data from your GPS or Loran. The Ray 53 also offers popular VHF features such as scan, memory scan, weather channels, dual and tri-watch and 16/9 key plus a new oversized LCD which displays extra-large channel characters, squelch and volume levels, and functional indicators.
SC-101 compliant DSC 25 Watt power Waterproof to US CFR-46 standard Backlit Keypad/Display Scans all channels or user selected channels Weather Alert: interrupts transmission for emergency advisory broadcasts Quick access to channel 16 or 9 Microphone controls for transmit (top and bottom Push-To-Talk switches), channel selection, 16/9 key, and sending of distress calls
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Ray Marine - Ray 215 VHF MARINE RADIO

The Ray 215 is our top of the line fixed mount VHF radio and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a full featured performance VHF radio. With its super large LCD, superior audio quality, and oversized volume squelch and channel selectors, the Ray 215 is exceptionally easy to use. Because safety at sea is always a primary concern, the Ray 215 is equipped with the latest generation of SC101 DSC (Digital Selective Calling).
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Ray Marine - Ray 230 Modular VHF with Telephone Interface

The modular design of the RAY230, allows the receiver/transmitter to be mounted in an out of the way location, leaving just the waterproof mobile phone style handset and loudspeaker exposed on the dash. With options for handsets and speakers in up to three locations, the RAY230 VHF radio is always within easy reach. The alphanumeric keypad and large display offer unparalleled ease of use, and the powerful loudspeaker provides superb audio quality, even when installed on the fly bridge. Available for North American use only. The RAY230E is approved for use in the European Union
Ray 230 Features: Submersible (JIS-7) telephone style handset with built-in display and alpha numeric keypad Loudspeaker with on/off switch and volume control provide superb audio quality Digital Selective Calling (DSC) SC101 NOAA Weather Alert Optional Dual Or Triple Station Control (requires optional handset kit) Convenient intercom function between handsets Programmable Scanning Tri Watch: monitor channel 16 or 9, working channel and weather channel SeaTalk & NMEA input For DSC position/time/date Manual & Auto fog function (four siren modes) Built-in hailer function Price $ 674 Qty - 1
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